The World Bank has placed Nigeria in the fourth position among West African countries in its Global Trade Logistics Performance Index (LPI) for 2016.

Cote D’Ivoire came on top of the list with Senegal coming second while Sao Tome came third and Nigeria fourth as Ghana took the fifth position.

Ripples reports that close watchers believed that Nigeria performed poorly, judging from Nigeria’s logistic strength in shipping and air businesses, which had seen the country lead in the World Bank’s assessment in 2014, topping the list in, 2012 and 2013, but coming second in 2014.

World Bank, which pointed to the peculiar challenges that most developing countries passed through in the past two years leading to 2016, said that 10 countries were able to beat the hurdles to be in the positions that they found themselves in the year under review.

The World Bank used efficiency in clearing goods at the sea and air ports, in which Cote D’Ivoire scored 3.4 out of 6. Others include efficiency in tolerance process; quality of trade and transport related infrastructure, ease of arranging competitively priced shipments, among others.

In general logistic competency, Nigeria had 3.2, followed by Senegal and Sao Tome with 2.59 and 2.48 average-points, respectively. In the overall logistics competence in West African, the first five countries, including Nigeria scored above average of 3,42 in the six key dimensions.

However, most the countries assessed failed in the utility of electronic means of tracking, delivery and examination of cargo.

Jude Ashafa, the vice president, Customs Licenced Clearing Agencies, said:”The inability of the Nigerian government to retain its old system of clearing goods made Nigerian ports lose the hub of ECOWAS sub-region.


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