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MyLagos App Relaunches Localmarket Site To Support SME Communities


Determined to support the growth of Nigerian SME communities, MyLagos App has officially re-launched its LocalMarket site.

According to a Statement by the owner of the brand and made available to Businessandeducation.ng, Local Market is set to provide a competitive new alternative to the established digital marketplaces, such as JIJI and others.

It is also one of the biggest market place in Nigeria, packed with great discounted prices on millions of products from thousands of online retailers nationwide.

The Statement further noted that the new updated site offers businesses lots of amazing new features to make user-experience much better, access the platform easily and grow their business with more visibility and increased revenue sales.

Differentiated by a model that works solely with Nigerian small and medium-sized to the large enterprises and a value-driven transaction cost, LocalMarket will provide a space dedicated to

Some of the new features of this update includes direct messaging to WhatsApp chat from customers on any products/services order, online discussion forum to share your views and relate with other business owners and customers on issues affecting them.

Local market also has features that have possible ways of improvements, ease of creating Store and posting of Products and Services with stock inventory, broad online promotion and social media marketing, customer management functionalities as well as a complimentary ERP solution to adequately manage your entire business among many other great features.

After months of building and beta testing, we are hugely excited to finally launch LocalMarket to the public and can’t wait to see your response.

You can check out the various premium membership packages today and upgrade to a plan that best suit your pocket. Various figures and research findings leave no doubt that people spend hours browsing e-commerce apps and sites these days. So what can be better than grabbing their attention by popping right on the screen in the middle of a window-shopping or need-based buying session and urge them to buy?

Is there any harm in making your product service visible to buyers by investing a little money? No, right? For categories such as fashion & accessories, Facebook and other social media platforms might act as a great platform to reach target consumers.

But, there are many categories, where the best way to reach target market is directly through marketplaces. Upgrade your membership on the platform to any of the premium packages to match your budget to increase your visibility, expand your reach and enhance your publicity as you get more customer leads interested in your products and services with ease to grow your sales.

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