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GPE Commends G7’s Commitment To Prioritise Aid To Education


Global Partnership for Education (GPE) has welcomed G7 leaders’ renewed commitment to prioritise education as a driver of growth, recovery and stability.

In a communique signed by the G7 leaders, they called for inclusive and equitable quality education, including vocational education, and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all to build resilient, just and prospering societies.
Laura Frigenti in a statement acknowledges Japan and Transforming Education Champion Prime Minister Kishida’s leadership to ensure education remained on the political agenda of the G7 this year.

This leadership by G7 nations is crucial as the world confronts an unprecedented learning crisis. Failure to address this crisis will have dire social, political and economic consequences, jeopardizing the future of an entire generation.

Political will alone is no match for this growing education emergency. Statements must be converted into concrete action and additional resources for education, both domestic and international.

We therefore also strongly welcome the commitment for “continued support to the Global Partnership for Education (GPE), Education Cannot Wait (ECW) and UN agencies including the UNESCO and UNICEF as key partners in helping countries to build stronger education systems for the most marginalized children.”

It is worth noting that these messages come at a time of economic downturn and concerning trends, with some donors, including those within the G7, reducing their aid budgets and allocations for education.

Two years ago, during the UK presidency, G7 countries pledged US$2.75 billion – half of GPE’s overall financing target – and committed to ensuring full funding for the partnership. This goal remains out of reach, hindering progress towards providing education to 46 million more girls and achieving the G7-adopted girls’ education global targets.

We now look to Italy to champion global education as a permanent agenda item within the G7, placing it at the forefront throughout their presidency. By doing so, Italy can help drive transformative changes in education systems, boosting economic development and paving the way for a future that is greener, more peaceful and more prosperous.

The future is not something that passively awaits us; it is something we actively shape today. The G7 leader’s communique has pushed us one step closer to creating the necessary conditions for meaningful and impactful change.

We call upon the G7 nations to build on this momentum and turn these words into tangible actions and substantial financial commitments that match the urgency and gravity of the crisis we are confronting.

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