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Job Creation, Tackling Insecurity Top Fubara New Rivers State Governor’s Agenda


Siminialayi Fubara, the newly sworn-in governor of Rivers State has said his administration will immediately focus on Job creation and tackle the issue of insecurity in the state.

Fubara his deputy, Ngozi Ordu, who took the oath of office in Port Harcourt, said that the job creation capacity of small and medium enterprises, adding that he will facilitate targeted access to low-interest funds for youth entrepreneurs to start or improve their businesses, earn decent incomes and generate employment for themselves and others.

The governor said his administration would be hard on crime and criminality in the state. “We will swiftly and firmly deal with anyone, regardless of status or position, rich or poor, who breaks our laws or dares to violate our environment, peace and security.

“We will continue to support and motivate security agencies to maintain law and order and keep our communities, roads, neighbourhoods and waterways protected, safe and secure for businesses, residents, and visitors.”
Fubara, in his inaugural speech, stated his resolve to give attention to education and youths by creating jobs, empowerment programmes and allowing freedom to build sound and promising future.

“We will not abandon our youths to their fate. We will continue prioritising education at all levels and empower our youths with relevant skills and opportunities to become economically active, productive and prosperous,” he said.

He lauded civil servants for their invaluable contributions to the state’s progress over the years, promising to meet all obligations such as regular payment of wages, pensions, gratuity, training and promotions.

He further noted that most citizens are affected by prevailing difficulties arising from the poor state of the national economy.

“While some of these economic challenges are beyond us, we understand our responsibility to take relevant measures to diversify our economy and insulate it from the headwinds.

“We do not promise we have all the solutions to all our challenges. But, we promise not to compromise on the quality of governance, the services we can provide, and the interest of our state. Rivers State will remain the centre of our focus and actions. With your support, we will provide that quality leadership,” Fubara said.

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