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Awosika, Ogbechie, Others Inspire Transformation At Business Summit In Nigeria

Blessing Ayemhere, chief executive officer, Umugini Pipeline Infrastructure Limited; Godman Akinlabi, president and founder, PISTIS Life & Leadership Institute and the Convener of The Leadership Project; Ibukun Awosika, Founder and CEO, The Chair Centre Group; and Management Board Member, PISTIS Life & Leadership Institute and ED, PISTIS Foundation, Leonard F. Thomas at the Global Leadership Summit Business Event held in Lagos

Business leaders and industry experts have urged organisations to embrace change and seize opportunities amidst ambiguity.

They said that organisations need to possess an unwavering commitment to embracing a forward-thinking approach in their operations as this will foster innovation, resilience, and adaptability.

Speaking at the third edition of the Global Leadership Summit (GLS), in Lagos, Ibukun Awosika, Founder and CEO of Chair Centre Group said that identifying problems as a business leader will help them position themselves to do something about it.

Awosika in her keynote address themed Leading Effectively in Uncertainty encouraged businesses to adapt to the dynamic and constantly changing business environment.

“Before you jump into anything, plan properly and do your due diligence. Many businesses fall short due to insufficient information on how to engage the relevant apparatuses of government,” she said.

During the event, Chris Ordway emphasised the importance of integrity as a fundamental value in business leadership. “Integrity is the cornerstone of successful business leadership. By prioritising ethical practices and maintaining transparency, leaders can build trust and create a foundation for sustainable growth,” he said.

Sam Adeyemi, Founder of the Daystar Leadership Academy, highlighted the need for businesses to keep pace with the evolution of technology or watch their businesses fossilised into obscurity. With an unwavering commitment to empowering leaders, the summit embraced a forward-thinking approach that fostered innovation, resilience, and adaptability.

Heather R. Younger also provided the audience insights on how powerful communication serve as a guiding light for leaders and organisations seeking to create lasting success in keynote address streamed virtually. “In a world full of distractions, being present is the best present you can give to anyone. It deepens connections, strengthens relationships, and fuels genuine understanding,” said the founder and CEO of Customer Fanatix USA.

Gabriel Ogbechie, group managing director of Rainoil Limited, in his powerful speech, urged participants to embrace change, challenge conventions, and proactively seek opportunities to evolve their businesses for long-term success.
According to him, Business leaders must adapt or die, adding that to thrive in today’s ever-changing landscape, step out of your comfort zone and embrace innovation.

“You cannot expect different results by doing the same things repeatedly. Do business as they are and not as they ought to be,” he said.

Since its inception, the GLS4Business has made veritable business insights and skills accessible to business leaders who want to lead sustainable businesses. Alongside the impactful keynote speeches, the GLS4Business summit provided vibrant panel discussions led by Godman Akinlabi, President and Founder, PISTIS Life and Leadership Institute and the Convener of The Leadership Project, igniting meaningful dialogue among business leaders.

These engaging sessions brought together industry experts and thought leaders to share their experiences, insights, and best practices. Attendees had the opportunity to clarify doubts, exchange ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and co-create innovative solutions that could shape the future of their organisations.

The Global Leadership Summit Nigeria, in collaboration with the Global Leadership Network USA, which hosts the Global Leadership Summit in more than 120 countries, are the host of this event.

In his remark, Francis Olubambi, regional director, West and Central Africa said, “We are committed to empowering leaders and making them better in every facet of their leadership.”

The Global Leadership Summit for Business (GLS4Business) is designed to strategically connect high-level executives, managers, entrepreneurs, and business players in the marketplace, to exchange relevant ideas, maximise opportunities and scale impact in their playing fields.


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