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Investment Can Enhance Mathematics Teaching In Nigeria- LASU Don


The Federal and State Governments need to increase budgetary allocation for education if the country wants to enhance the teaching of key subjects like Mathematics.

Adetunji Olaoye, a professor of Mathematics Education at the Department of Science and Technology Education, Faculty of Education, Lagos State University (LASU) called for proper funding of education programmes to enhance teaching of the subject in schools.

Olaoye said that the government funding must align with UNESCO’s recommendation of 26 per cent budgetary allocation.

Olaoye while speaking at the 89th inaugural lecture of the institution on the topic ‘Mathematics Education of Knots in Human Connects: What Types of Knots Are You To Others in Life? Stated that it will help to afford the provision of relevant and available instructional facilities to enhance mathematics teaching.

According to him, many teachers do not have adequate knowledge of mathematics but centre their teaching on the examination that students are to undergo.

The professor said most teachers avoid teaching topics like construction and loci due to their inadequate knowledge on the one hand, and technical drawing topic range in mathematics.

“For Nigeria to attain the status of self-reliance as stated in the National Policy on Education (2014), mathematics must be well taught, Mathematics education is the pedagogical dissemination of mathematical knowledge from the teachers to the students,” Olaoye said.

He further noted that mathematics is a language for the understanding of science and technology.

According to him, the development of any nation depends on the level of its education, and the need for relevant and available instructional facilities cannot be over emphasised.

“Most of the cumulative problems which teaching and learning of mathematics encounter among the students is as a result of non-relevant instructional facilities,” Olaoye said.

He said that research in mathematics education should explore more areas for students’ benefit.

“The recruitment of teachers, mathematics teachers inclusive, should not be based on who knows who, instead, the premium should be given to those who have educational qualifications to take centre stage of appointment.

“Different seminars should be organised for the teachers to ensure teaching effectiveness in the classrooms and update them on current discoveries towards adaptation into teachings.

“By exposure to various seminars and workshops, mathematics teachers will be updated on different techniques of demystifying mathematical concepts which were not properly taught during the pre-service period,” Olaoye said.

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