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Melsmore Marine To Relocate NIMASA Floating Dock To Dolphine Jetty


Melsmore Marine Nigeria Limited, a Nigerian registered company, is perfecting arrangements to relocate the Modular Floating Dock of the Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) from the Naval Dockyard to the waterfront of the Dolphine Jetty at the NPA Continental Shipyard.

Danny Fuchs this week engaged the management of NIMASA and discussed details of relocating the Modular floating Dock to the Dolphine Jetty which the Agency leased from the Nigerian Ports Authority.

Danny said they are committed to executing their project of relocating the Modular Floating Dock.

“Our job is to move the Modular Floating Dock from the present location to the waterfront of the Dolphine Jetty at Apapa. THSD SEA LION which occupied the leased area at the waterfront has vacated the jetty now. We have a commercial understanding with NIMASA on how to execute this project.

“We have submitted a feasibility study taking note of the Mooring system required to anchor the Modular Floating Dock at the Dolphine Jetty. We will bring our expertise to bear in carrying out this project. We also hope to invite the manufacturers, Damen Shipyard to join forces in achieving this relocation project. We will work with Damen Shipyard to ensure the Modular Floating Dock is Seaworthy before the relocation. This is to Commission the Modular Floating Dock before relocation,” he said.

The Mooring System supplied by the manufacturers of the dockyard is made up of two steel piles of 36 meters Length, 2 meters in diameter and a weight of roughly 48 Tonnes each. These massive piles need to be driven about 20 meters into the seabed.

Bashir Jamoh, the director general of NIMASA, said there is a need for the company to review the action plan in the light of realities on ground with detailed deliverables, and key performance indicators with clearly stated timelines.

“Nigerians eagerly await the deployment of the Modular Floating Dock. This is a national asset, which has potentials to boost maritime trade, create jobs, develop skills, by providing training avenues to various maritime training institutions in Nigeria, while also attracting foreign investment and preventing capital flight, thereby generating revenue. We hope to have students from the Maritime Academy of Nigeria and the Maritime University Okerenkoko amongst other maritime institutions come for practical time,” the DG said.

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