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15 Seaport Roads Require Urgent Repair – Oyetola


Adegboyega Oyetola, minister of Marine and Blue Economy, has listed 15 roads connecting the seaports in Nigeria that require urgent and comprehensive rehabilitation.

The roads cut across the Lagos Port complex, Tin-Can Island Port, Calabar New Port, Delta Port and Onne Port. Some of the access roads are 1.6km dual carriage road within the Lagos Port Complex, 3km Tin-Can Island access road, 15.3km Eleme Junction -Trailer Park Junction Dual Carriageway at Onne Port and 3.1km FLT-FOT Roundabout Single Carriageway, also at Onne Port.

Speaking during his visit to David Umahi, minister of Works, on Tuesday evening, Oyetola appealed to him to assist in undertaking an urgent comprehensive repair and maintenance programme for all dilapidated roads leading to ports in the country.

He said access roads leading to the ports in Nigeria play a pivotal role in the efficiency of the ports.

According to the minister, the dilapidated access roads are making importers and exporters experience high transportation costs, prolonged transit times and heightened risk of accidents.

He said all the issues cumulatively impede national economic growth, discourage foreign investment, and hinder international trade competencies.

Umahi promised to take the matter up without any further delay as he agreed with Oyetola that the fixing of the listed access roads would increase port efficiency and aid the country’s economic growth.

To demonstrate commitment to his pledge, the works minister immediately requested his counterpart to nominate a representative who would be meeting with one of the directors in the Ministry of Works on Wednesday to devise means of carrying out the task at hand.

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