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FG Awards Boat Service Contract to Intels


The Federal Government has awarded boat service operations in the Lagos pilotage district to Intels Nigeria Limited.

This was contained in a memo made available to shipping companies through the berthing meeting committee and signed by Charles Okaga, port manager of Lagos Ports Complex (LPC), dated November 30, 2023.

The presidential directive, according to the letter, revealed that the consent of the judgment of the federal high court, Lagos dated 21 September, said the authority has extended the service boat operations contract between it and Intels Nigeria Limited.

Okaga said in the letter also that the authority and the federal government drive to increase revenue from service boat operations, hence Messrs Intels Nigeria Limited has been directed to resume service immediately.

“This is in line with the terms of the extended contract contained in the Managing Agency Agreement conveying the scope of service, in addition to the obligations of the agent,” the letter reads in part.

“Upon the above, you are hereby directed to ensure that Intels Nigeria Limited is allowed unrestricted access to Information on pilotage movement and to be provided with the necessary assistance to boat service operations in the Lagos Pilotage District (LPD)”, the letter further disclosed.

Recall that the initial boat service contract of Intels expired in August 2020 after a series of controversies surrounding the non-compliance to the Federal Government’s policy of remitting government revenue through treasury single accounts (TSA).

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